Red Banger Catering
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About us

William and Elinor Morton

We have been farming here in Napton since 1984; we have a flock of 700 organically raised sheep, which graze on traditional ridge and furrow pastureland. We also have a very small herd of rare breed pigs, which we raise to provide meat for our catering business. We sell meat either directly from the farm or through our local village stores, which specialises in locally sourced products.

We have been members of NCASS, the National Caterers association since 2012.

Our staff are all trained in food hygiene, this is essential to ensure the safety of our customers.

Our public liability and other required documents are available on request.


A Napton Lamb

Our aim is to only use products that we know the full history of in our food.

● We use a butcher who specialises in providing a service to small stockholders such as we are to process our rare breed pigs and organically raised lamb, so that we have a very clear view of the whole process from farm to plate.
● We buy the organic halloumi cheese that we serve in our wraps from High Weald Dairy in Sussex, who use sheep's and cow's milk that they buy directly from farmers
● The Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Company, which uses a traditional recipe using the milk from the farmer's dairy herd, produces our Red Leicester cheese.
● Our bread is baked for us locally so we know that it is fresh.
● We buy our khobez wraps directly from the manufacturer
● Where possible, and provided they are in season, we use apples from our own orchard to make sauces and jellies
● For our vegetables, we buy wherever possible from a local fruit and vegetable supplier who in turn sources as much as possible from local producers. We are hoping to take this one stage further and buy directly from the producers. This is our vision for the future

Special dietary requirements

Making sauces

● We respect our customers who do not eat meat or animal products. Where we offer food that is vegetarian, we take great care to prepare this separately to the meat, cooking it separately to our meat products and using separate utensils to prepare and serve.
● Any vegan food that we serve is offered in bread that we have confirmed does not contain any animal products and again is always prepared away from meat and dairy products.


Our sheep

We take sustainability very seriously, and do not want to contribute to the mountains of waste that are produced every year.

To this end, we use cups and serving trays that are compostable, cutlery either made from corn-starch or from wood, and napkins that are made from recycled paper or are compostable. We source our disposable items from a company that specialises in sustainable products


The following allergens are contained in our products

● Sausages contain gluten and sulphites
● Bacon cure contains sulphites
● Halloumi cheese contains sheep, cow and goat milk
● Yoghurt dressing contains cow's milk
● Bread rolls contain milk and are produced in a factory that may contain nuts
● Khobez wraps contain gluten and may contain milk